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Hello, I'm a French Wiktionary sysop, as this page isn't use, I suggest to rename it into "Embassy", in order to allow the non Bulgarian speaker to post easily. JackPotte 02:43, 10 август 2010 (UTC)[отговор]


It would be elegant to import this gadget, especially for those who have never installed any additional fonts. It just translates the interwiki links into English, you can test it by ticking it here (or here). JackPotte 01:56, 20 август 2010 (UTC)[отговор]

Double redirections[редактиране]

Actually I know a script which can purge the 728 double redirections of this site in 15 Min. If nobody tries it today, I'll clean them in 24h. JackPotte 02:43, 10 август 2010 (UTC)[отговор]

Bgbot did the greatest part of them, and there isn't any lemma toward which redirect them. So I can't do more... The 3 admins are away for many months. JackPotte 23:04, 10 август 2010 (UTC)[отговор]

Bulgarian conjugation[редактиране]

The most wanted page in the French Wiktionary is the Bulgarian conjugation appendix. Is there is any volunteer it would be appreciate please. JackPotte 04:31, 10 август 2010 (UTC)[отговор]

За пръв път илюминати[редактиране]

Въпреки това, думата произхожда от латински: illuminati.

Hi - I just cleared the contents of this entry as it contained personal information. It was reported via OTRS, but there is no contact for either the Bulgarian Wikipedia or Wiktionary. Not sure if it should be outright deleted. FreeRangeFrog (беседа) 20:21, 12 март 2014 (UTC)[отговор]

Deleted, thx! — Luchesar • Б/П 15:55, 24 февруари 2016 (UTC)[отговор]

Redirect pages[редактиране]

Is there a need for so many redirect pages? As of June 2015, there are about 27,000 entries but almost 800,000 redirect pages in the main namespace. Please clean up this wiki by removing all these unnecessary redirects, thank you! --Hydriz (беседа) 05:08, 22 юни 2015 (UTC)[отговор]

I'm afraid the BG Wiktionary is mostly abandoned and we've yet to decide what to do with the project as a whole. Thanks for raising this otherwise good point. — Luchesar • Б/П 15:55, 24 февруари 2016 (UTC)[отговор]